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Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Separate the wheat from the chaff and go straight to the source of knowledge and expertise. CCC Talks is the series you need to get the views and experiences from the global experts shaping today’s technology.

With Laudon Williams and Mark O'Loughlin
Cloud 45 minutes
Cloud enables organizations to operate more efficiently and contributes to a better execution of the corporate strategy. Over the years, we have started to more thoroughly understand how Cloud works and how we can use its unique value proposition for the benefit of the firm.
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With Massimo Belloni and Mark O'Loughlin
Artificial Intelligence 38 minutes
Massimo Belloni takes us back to the first days of Machine Learning and AI at HousingAnywhere. More than its implementation, he takes us through understanding the resources and human investment that a Data Science team entails and even more so in a scaling organization.
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With Arpit Chhabra and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 67 minutes
IoT is slowly and steadily changing the way we live our lives. The consumer Internet of Things applications can range from very simple fitness devices to complex home automation applications. IoT offers a ton of opportunities and has various advantages, such as increased customer satisfaction and maximizing profit performance. In this CCC Talks Episode, we are discussing the adoption of IoT practices within Appliance and Consumer Electronics with Arpit Chhabra, the CEO & Co-Founder of IOTfy Solutions.
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With Adela Mehic-Dzanic and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 55 minutes
The advancement of technology triggered companies to embrace digitalization. IoT has a substantial technical, social, and economic significance and companies are rushing to make use of it. With our guest, Adela Mehic-Dzanic, a tech leader, we discuss the benefits of digitalization, as well as the biggest challenges that companies might find themselves in.
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With Barry Luijbregts and Mark O'Loughlin
Cloud 51 minutes
Technology advancements and the necessity to improve performance have pushed an increasing number of organisations to adopt the Cloud. In this podcast, Barry Luijbregts, the owner & Microsoft Azure Architect at Waarde door IT, puts light on what is Could and what are the challenges and opportunities related to it.
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With Tarah Beyers and Mark O'Loughlin
Digital Transformation 37 minutes
A growing number of studies find support for the idea that a diverse workplace, including an equitable gender balance, improves business performance. Tarah Beyers explains the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry, as well as the need for mentorship and cauching programs for girls.
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With Piero Scaruffi and Mark O'Loughlin
Artificial Intelligence 42 minutes
Piero Scaruffi explains why it's crucial to differentiate deep learning from deep thinking. As importantly, he reveals the role that the Humanities can play in a thorough analysis of AI.
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With John deVadoss and Mark O'Loughlin
Blockchain 44 minutes
What can organizations do to gain a competitive advantage from Blockchain? What success cases of Blockchain use are there? These are only some of the questions tackled in this episode of CCC Talks.
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With Evan Kirstel and Mark O'Loughlin
Blockchain 28 minutes
Evan Kirstel examines a holistic understanding of the digital transformation process and the role of technology in the transition to remote working that marked the year.
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With Alessandro Bassi and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 56 minutes
Coordinator of the biggest EU co-funded project on IoT, Alessandro Bassi, discusses the pain points associated with IoT implementation and its potential to drastically affect the lives of millions.
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