Mastering the Cloud: Pitfalls and Opportunities

Technology advancements and the necessity to improve performance have pushed an increasing number of organisations to adopt the Cloud. Up until five years, companies were reluctant towards the change, primarily because there was a lack of trust for such a new thing. Some might wonder if Cloud is a threat to IT job positions, or whether it will yield positive results in the long run. However, it seems that the Cloud is a wonderful solution for the storage and access of data and programs over the internet than through a computer’s hard drive. 

In this episode of CCC Talks, we meet with Barry Luijbregts, the owner & Microsoft Azure Architect at Waarde door IT, a Pluralsight Author and a podcaster at the “Developer Weekly” podcast. Barry puts light on what exactly Could is, what are the challenges and biggest advantages of companies transitioning to it. We also reflect on Cloud’s impact on jobs, the importance of Degrees for IT people, and key-wisdom about digital transformation.


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