CCC Digital Expert Panel Program

The CCC Digital Expert Panel Program is designed to increase awareness of the critical role people play in any digital transformation journey,  build relevance for the specific skills required by IT Professionals working in digital companies, and to support the CCC in further professionalizing its approach.

CCC Digital Expert Panel Members are experts in their field and active contributors to the domain they operate in. They engage with the CCC and the market through events, blogs, webinars, and social media.

Career opportunities in Blockchain

Is there only one Expert Panel Member per country?

Members do not represent specific countries, Members are appointed for the knowledge or expertise they hold. This means there may be multiple Digital Expert Panel Members in each country, region or territory.

Does CCC pay Expert Panel Members?

No, being a Digital Expert Panel Member is a volunteer role for a select group of individuals. CCC will pay for specific out-of-pocket expenses, but in essence, this role is unpaid and completely voluntary.

Can anyone become an Expert Panel Member?

No, in order for someone to become part of the Digital Expert Panel you need to go through a validation program. Every Member is handpicked and vetted by the CCC Managing Director.

Digital Expert Panel Members act as a sounding board to the CCC, and provide formal and informal feedback to CCC Initiatives.

Uses of Blockchain across industries

Digital Expert Panel Members need to adhere to a number of specific requirements:

  • They are individuals recognized for their expertise
  • They are appointed by the CCC Managing Director for 1-year terms.
  • They are CCC volunteers who commit to providing a minimum of 2 days of service each calendar quarter
  • They live up to and adhere to the CCC Code of Conduct and fulfill the CCC Digital Expert Panel.

What are activities a Digital Expert Panel Member may do?

  • Create content and present this for example in the form of a blog, or a webinar, or a presentation at an event.
  • The content provided by Digital Expert Panel Members talk about people, people skills, and how they relate to the transition organizations make to become digital companies.
  • Participate in and contribute to local community events and gatherings and represent CCC on these occasions.
  • Contribute to working groups where Digital Expert Panel Members work on syllabi, exams, or the body of knowledge that support CCC initiatives.
  • Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging.
  • Get involved early in new CCC product launches, and provide early feedback to marketing and launch initiatives to ensure that CCC programs resonate well in local markets.


What are some benefits of becoming a Digital Expert Panel Member?

  • Gain the ability to develop local markets or contribute to CCCs online presence.
  • Build credibility by speaking at conferences, or representing the CCC.
  • Get recognized on the CCC website, as an official CCC Digital Expert Panel Member and gain use of the Digital Expert Panel Member badge.
  • The opportunity for early access to CCC initiatives and the ability to influence these initiatives to ensure they meet the requirements of the local market.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other Digital Expert Panel Members, learn from each other, and share experiences amongst peers.

Join these Digital Expert Panel Members

Shiyghan Emmanuel Navti


Soumen Chatterjee

Big Data, Cloud

Mario Bojilov

Big Data

Selina Thompson

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IoT

Marcel Foederer


Peter van Eijk


Jurian Burgers


Sherry Jacob


Vladimir Baranek


Mark O’Loughlin

Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT

Arnold Villeneuve


Siddharth Pareek

Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT

Gary Duffield


Bryan O’Connor


Rajiv K. Dua


Mark Skilton


Swaroop Oggu

Big Data

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Let us know if you would like to join the CCC Digital Expert Panel using the form below. If you join the Digital Expert Panel, you must adhere to the CCC Code of Conduct and fulfill the CCC Digital Expert Panel responsibilities.