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Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Separate the wheat from the chaff and go straight to the source of knowledge and expertise. CCC Talks is the series you need to get the views and experiences from the global experts shaping today’s technology.

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S1E12 Why the Distinction Between Deep Learning and Deep Thinking Matters

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S1E11 The Road to Mass Adoption of Blockchain

CCC Talks Ep10

S1E10 The Overlooked Sides of Digital Transformation

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S1E9 Taking the Headache out of IoT


S1E8 The Role of Technology in Talent Management

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S1E7 The Subtleties of AI Implementation

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S1E6 The Digital Transformation Journey: Challenges & Considerations

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S1E5 The Digital Brick and Mortar Experience

CCC Talks Ep04

S1E4 The Power and Promise of AI

CCC Talks Ep03

S1E3 The Technology of Humans

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S1E2 Responding to Organizational Trauma

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S1E1 The CCC Digital Skills Survey