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Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. Separate the wheat from the chaff and go straight to the source of knowledge and expertise. CCC Talks is the series you need to get the views and experiences from the global experts shaping today’s technology.

With Gayatri Sirure and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 42 minutes
Gayatri Sirure walks us through the building blocks of IoT with her experience in exposing the problem before the solution, with her view on what are the first pillars to have before enabling IoT in an organization.
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Change neon
With David Jones and Mark O'Loughlin
Digital Transformation 42 minutes
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With Elaine Montilla and Mark O'Loughlin
Digital Transformation 48 minutes
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With Caroline Goulard and Mark O'Loughlin
Big Data 43 minutes
Caroline Goulard walks us through the journey of Data Visualization and how human-data interactions can be improved with the right processes and the right mindset.
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With Alain Goudey and Mark O'Loughlin
Digital Transformation 42 minutes
From virtual campuses to maintaining a competitive advantage facing the easiness of finding information online, opportunities and challenges are facing higher education and all education institutions.
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With Robert Heerekop and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 47 minutes
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way companies develop products. The demand has changed, the lifecycle of products needs to be longer, it needs to be able to be updated,  mobile, and more than anything, it needs to be connected.
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With Arnaud Van Rietschoten and Mark O'Loughlin
Cloud 48 minutes
Digital transformation is about how companies can adopt technology to become faster, more efficient and more innovative. An organization that is going through this type of change needs a clear perspective and a lot of guidance. In our CCC Talks episode of today, we talk with Arnaud van Rietschoten, Head of Information Technology Operations at SEBA Bank AG, about the importance of digital transformation, DevOps, and organizational efficiency. We touch upon subjects such as culture of changing, ShuHaRi way of working, IT knowledge and much more.
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With Laudon Williams and Mark O'Loughlin
Cloud 45 minutes
Cloud enables organizations to operate more efficiently and contributes to a better execution of the corporate strategy. Over the years, we have started to more thoroughly understand how Cloud works and how we can use its unique value proposition for the benefit of the firm.
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With Massimo Belloni and Mark O'Loughlin
Artificial Intelligence 38 minutes
Massimo Belloni takes us back to the first days of Machine Learning and AI at HousingAnywhere. More than its implementation, he takes us through understanding the resources and human investment that a Data Science team entails and even more so in a scaling organization.
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With Arpit Chhabra and Mark O'Loughlin
IoT 67 minutes
IoT is slowly and steadily changing the way we live our lives. The consumer Internet of Things applications can range from very simple fitness devices to complex home automation applications. IoT offers a ton of opportunities and has various advantages, such as increased customer satisfaction and maximizing profit performance. In this CCC Talks Episode, we are discussing the adoption of IoT practices within Appliance and Consumer Electronics with Arpit Chhabra, the CEO & Co-Founder of IOTfy Solutions.
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