Digital Skills Survey

The modern IT professional is expected to be a collaborative, flexible, t-shaped professional working in agile teams on cloud-enabled technologies. But how ready are we, and do we have the right skills and mindset to work for digital companies.

How ready is the IT workforce for the future?

In their transformation journey, organizations are readying themselves for becoming Digital Organizations. To demonstrate the importance of the IT professionals in this journey, and to assess their readiness, we are hosting the first of its kind Digital Skills Survey.

You’re invited!

Do you have the skills and capabilities your company needs today and is your organization making the right moves to address the challenges of tomorrow? We invite you, as an IT professional, to participate in the Digital Skills Survey. Your anonymous answers will help us assess how organizations are addressing their operating processes and procedures, the way management engages with the business, the technologies they use, the organizational culture, as well as skills of the professionals that are employed by these organizations.

The information you submit will be published as a report, and you have the option to receive a copy of this report.

Typically it takes 5-10 minutes to complete the survey, and your input is much appreciated.