CCC Authorized Courseware Partners

CCC Authorized Courseware Partners are organizations who develop training
materials to support the CCC Operating scheme and deliver courseware to CCC
Authorized Training Partners.


CCC Authorized Courseware Partners are required to meet the following requirements:

  • For organizations to qualify as CCC Authorized Courseware Partner they are required to develop and offer at least one CCC training course.
  • Authorized Courseware Partners must adhere to the correct usage of logos and trademarks of CCC in the training materials as outlined on the CCC website.
  • Authorized Courseware Partners ensure that training materials are kept up to date, and continue to meet the quality requirements set by CCC. The content reviews are performed using professional reviewers who are appointed by the CCC.
  • CCC Courseware Partners have to receive an approval from the CCC before using their courseware. After this approval, they may use the term ‘CCC Approved Courseware’.
  • The minimum set of courseware provided by Authorized Courseware Partners include:
    • A Learner Manual with sufficient content covering the learning objectives of the program offered and a mock exam.
    • Trainer manuals with instructor notes, or instructor delivery guidance.
  • CCC Courseware Partners are required to pay an annual fee. This fee includes an assessment or reassessment of 2 sets of courseware. Additional assessments will be invoiced based on the number of days that expected the assessment will take.
  • CCC Courseware Partners are required to provide information on a quarterly level to CCC and within 10 days after closure of a quarter. This information includes:
    • Volume of courseware sold in the previous quarter and per certification course per customer, with customer name.
  • CCC Courseware Partners purchase exam vouchers from the CCC, and sell these to Authorized Training Partners in association with courseware. Exam vouchers may not be sold to Authorized Training Partners without selling courseware. The sale of exams and courseware do not need to happen at the same time, as long as the Courseware Partner maintains an up to date administration that prevents the sale of exam vouchers without providing courseware.

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