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Vendor-neutral certification for IT Professionals including Cloud, Big Data, and IoT.

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Building Digital Ready Professionals

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is a global community driven organization that empowers companies in their digital transformation journey. We do this by offering vendor-neutral certification for IT Professionals including Cloud, Big Data, and IoT.

CCC Cloud Certification Program


The CCC Cloud Certification Program enables IT Professionals to maximize the benefits of cloud solutions within their organizations

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CCC Big Data Certification Program

Big Data

The CCC Big Data Certification Program empowers IT professionals and organizations to harness big data capabilities to drive better Insights, decisions and performance.

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CCC IoT Certification Program

Internet of Things

The CCC IoT Certification Program is a leading accreditation that gives IT Professionals the IoT capabilities to innovate and disrupt.

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We Help Organizations in Their Transformation Journey

Support individuals and organizations in their digital transformation journey by optimizing talent and developing skills for digital ready professionals.

CCC-Community Driven

Community Driven

Any member can contribute to the development of CCC programs. This is possible through working groups, but also through other initiatives.



CCC programs complement technology specific training programs that are available in the market. CCC programs help to put the use of these technologies in perspective, explain their value, and help IT professionals to make the best use of the cloud, big data and internet of things.

CCC-Career Growth Oriented

Career Growth Oriented

Our focus is on helping professionals grow their career. CCC certifications help individuals improve their capabilities, resume, salary, and chances of finding a qualified job in the market.

Catherine Ascough

We have been extremely pleased with this course, from its content to its delivery, as well as its relevance to the wider Cloud Computing market.

Catherine Ascough, Founder & Director at GuruTeam Ireland

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