CCC Authorized Training Partners

CCC Authorized Training Partners are organizations who are licensed to deliver CCC training programs to the market. Authorized Training Partners may market, schedule, and organize training programs.


CCC Authorized Training Partners are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Authorized Training Partners must offer at least one CCC program as part of their portfolio.
  • Authorized Training Partners are required to use CCC approved courseware for the delivery of training programs (which can be developed themselves being an Authorized Courseware Partner or obtained from another designated Authorized Courseware Partner).
  • Authorized Training Partners may work with multiple Courseware Partners for the delivery of training programs.
  • Authorized Training Partners can only deliver exams to their own learners, and are not allowed to resell exam vouchers to others, who are not their own learners. Training Partners may not offer exams only to their learners, but only as part of a training delivery using Approved Courseware.
  • Authorized Training Partners purchase exams from Authorized Courseware Partners for their learners who would like to sit a CCC certification exam. Training Partners are not required to purchase exams at the same time as they purchase courseware, but cannot buy exams for learners who have not attended a course organized by the Authorized Training Partner.
  • For the organization of CCC courses, Authorized Training Partners follow the criteria stipulated for each course.
  • Authorized Training Partners commit to only using trainers delivering CCC courses that certified in the courses they deliver and have completed the certification with a pass rate that is at least 10% higher than the required pass rate (for example if the pass rate is 65%, trainers are required to pass the exam with at least 75%). Trainers are further required to have at least 3 years experience in the domain they teach in.
  • Trainers that deliver training courses on behalf of ATPs may be trainers on staff, but can also be contracted instructors.
  • Authorized Training Partners must hold an active registration with CCC, and pay any relevant fees.
  • A Training Partner must use the CCC logos as provided to them and may promote themselves as a CCC Training Partner.
  • Authorized Training Partners may not act in a manner that brings the market or CCC into disrepute. A Training Partner may not represent any interests on behalf of CCC.
  • Training Partners may not amend or in any other ways misuse CCC syllabus or any other CCC IP.
  • Training Partners may not modify CCC intellectual property (IP), or amend, copy or redistribute any of the CCC IP without the approval of the CCC.

We have been extremely pleased with the courses, from the content to the delivery, as well as the relevance to the wider Cloud Computing market.

Catherine Ascough

Founder & Director at GuruTeam Ireland

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