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Digitalization makes amazing things possible, also for your career – new job opportunities, business models, increasingly international career paths, and offerings we have yet to imagine, are opening up as IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing continues to grow.

We help businesses and IT professionals get ready for the ever-evolving landscape. The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) offers training and certifications to help you develop, validate and demonstrate professional skills and expertise to employers, project leaders, and clients.  Gain deep knowledge of IoT, Big Data and Cloud, confidence in your skills, and a way to demonstrate what you know. Further, your team’s capabilities as your organization voyages deeper into digitalization.

The CCC offers the broadest portfolio of certifications for specific job functions and various experience levels. Extensive research was conducted to highlight those IT roles which are critical for successful digital transformation. Earning a Cloud Credential Council certification is the best way to demonstrate to employers, clients, and yourself that you are ready to make the most of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and Cloud.  Browse our certifications to find which one is right for you.

Cloud Technology Associate Version 2.0.0 Mock Exam

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Cloud Technology Associate Version 3.0.0 Mock Exam