Acknowledging the Human in Tech for Better Leadership

As technology advances, we are losing sight of who it should be benefiting from. Indeed, we humans have started to fall behind in caring for one another. In many ways, the pandemic has had a great impact on our society, one of the few which is positive is people coming together even remotely to care for one another. In organizations, this phenomenon is starting to make a hit as the old ways are not accepted anymore.

Elaine Montilla, our guest, says no to the old ways. In this episode, she tells us about her journey as a woman from a minority, as a respected professional, as a leader, and above all as a human. Explaining that inclusivity and diversity are how to make individuals and therefore teams and organizations on the way to a successful future. She is with us, now more than ever, spreading the word on self-acceptance, positivity, and equity for better leadership.


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