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Knowledge Byte: The Impact of Cloud on Legacy IT


Paulo Guimarães


The question of how cloud impacts legacy IT is one that is brought up numerous times, yet often gets little to no clarification.

The following figure shows the legacy and new cloud solutions migration paths used for moving to a cloud environment:

Options for Moving Legacy IT to Cloud Computing

A number of options are available that helps to move legacy IT to a cloud environment. Some of the examples to move the existing virtualized software and hardware to integrate/redesign and record the legacy software and hardware to new cloud services are:

● Rehost: Move the existing software and hardware to a cloud environment and rehost the solution with cloud technology.

● Refactor: Restructure the existing software code to alter its internal structure without changing the external behavior.

● Modify: Augment the legacy code with the cloud code to develop a new version of the code without changing the original legacy code.

● Rebuild: Change the internal code structure and the external behavior to reproduce the functionality.

● Replace: Swap the legacy code with a new XaaS solution that includes functionality equivalent to the original legacy code that might be with new features.

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