The Overlooked Sides of Digital Transformation

It’s not always easy to find an expert with a holistic understanding of the digital transformation process. Communicating the implications of technological advancements in lay-terms can be a big challenge. We are constantly hearing about new innovations, acronyms, and complex jargon. The concept of “organizational velocity” and “multi-cloud environments” may sound interesting. But what does that mean to the common user? Not everyone has deep technical knowledge on such topics. How can they relate the content of this information to their day-to-day work? Stepping outside the box and looking in the broader scheme of things, can help to get insightful knowledge.

B2B thought leader, top technology influencer, and industry insider, Evan Kirstel, is our guest in this episode of CCC Talks. In it, he discusses lesser-known sides of technologies such as Cloud, IoT, and Blockchain. On top of that, Evan examines the role of technology in the transition to remote working that marked the year.


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