Why the Distinction Between Deep Learning and Deep Thinking Matters

Often flooded by shallow media reports and not-so-credible sci-fi movies, we’re led to have a muddy understanding of AI. It can be hard to find a real holistic engagement with AI that goes beyond its most immediately-appealing elements. It’s only by engaging with its history and its contemporary developments, however, that we can grasp its full potential. Because it is so often used as a vague umbrella term, it helps to get specific and ask the right questions.

Thankfully, we can count on the insights of AI-expert, university lecturer, and writer Piero Scaruffi to help us do exactly that. His extraordinary output over the past decades has made him one of the most powerful voices in the field of AI throughout the globe. In this episode of the CCC Talks, he tells us why it’s crucial to differentiate deep learning from deep thinking. As importantly, he reveals the role that the Humanities can play in a thorough analysis of AI. This is an unmissable episode.


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