The Road to Mass Adoption of Blockchain

The disruptive potential of Blockchain is, as of 2020, already very well established. In order for Blockchain to reach maturity and be successful, however, there are still some major obstacles to be surpassed. The matter of ‘trust’ is one of such concerns yet to be appropriately addressed. Ironically, there is a widespread unawareness that Blockchain is built on providing trust and transparency. This arises, in part, due to a lack of understanding of Blockchain. Most organizations are still far from knowing what it is, what it does, and how it can benefit them. 

John deVadoss, President and Head of Development of Neo Blockchain, Partner at Outliers Fund and Board Member for InterWork Alliance, helps us gain some clarity on this topic. What can organizations do to gain a competitive advantage from Blockchain? What success cases of Blockchain use are there? These are only some of the questions John tackles in this captivating episode of CCC Talks. Don’t miss it.


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