Taking the Headache out of IoT

IoT may reveal to be more important than the Internet itself. Its market is expected to reach USD 1,102.6 billion (yes, billion!) by 2026 and an increasing number of professionals are upskilling themselves in this field. Yet, there’s room for organizations to be more daring. Even some major players are somewhat reticent toward leading serious IoT initiatives. This arises from an inadequate understanding of how IoT can easily solve issues that would take a much longer time to be addressed using traditional methods.

In this episode of CCC Talks, the coordinator of the biggest EU co-funded project on IoT, Alessandro Bassi, discusses some of the main pain points associated with IoT implementation and its potential to drastically affect the lives of millions.

You can obtain a free copy of ‘Enabling Things to Talk: Designing IoT Solutions with the IoT Architectural Reference Model’, where you’ll find further insights from Alessandro here.


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