Fostering Inclusivity & Diversity in the Tech Industry

A growing number of studies find support for the idea that a diverse workplace improves business performance. We have witnessed enormous progress towards workplace equality, but women still remain underrepresented in the technology workplace. How could environments foster inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry? A little girl might be interested in coding and technology, but if she won’t have the support from the community around, the chances that she will lose interest along the way is very high. 

Our guest, Tarah Beyers, Lead Product Owner at Target, has emphasized the importance of fostering inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. We have discussed the societal impediments that deter girls from having a career in technology, the importance of mentorship and coaching programs, and how to get rid of imposter syndrome. Most importantly, this episode is very motivational, abundant in positive predictions about the changes that GenZ is going to make and tricks on how women (and not only) should continue with their passion in tech and positive predictions about the changes that GenZ is going to make.


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