Palo alto, CA / Paris, France, 15 November 2016 – Valnaos IT Training & Consulting has joined the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) to provide critical cloud certification training in France. Valnaos is an established IT training organization specializing in digital transformation, under the leadership of CEO and Founder, Valerie Muziot, who has a 20 years experience in IT training and consulting. Valnaos is now focusing on extending this expertise to help professionals in the French market bring business value to enterprises through the appropriate Cloud and Big Data skills training.

The Cloud Credential Council’s global partner network is rapidly expanding as the need for cloud training and certification increases in industry. Valnaos is an integral partner in France spearheading the shared mission to build cloud competence. Valnaos will offer the international certification trainings in the french native language market, bringing forth the knowledge and best practices in Cloud and Big Data through its expert training team. Each training is personalized, providing in-depth attention to customers’ challenges. Trainers strive to increase to empower course participants with the skills and competences to truly innovate.

Valnaos is integrating the full CCC certification portfolio in its catalog to continue serving clients across IT, Health, Insurance, Telecom, Consulting, Insurance, French administration industries. Valnaos offers a mix of inter entreprises and intra entreprise sessions to diversify the learning experience for participants. EXIN, the globally renowned and one of the exam institute of the CCC, has mapped the certifications to the European e-Competences Framework (e-CF), establishing a universal competence standard that is applicable to a broader European audience.Valnaos’ upcoming CCC training sessions are available here.

About Valnaos
Valnaos is an IT Training Organization based in Paris, France. Specialist on trainings and consulting, Valnaos has established his expertise in IT Management & Organization and in Digital Transformation. Our customers are from all sector industry. Our aim is to advise our customers in the best trainings that respond to their need and increase the competence level of their IT professionals. Offering CCC trainings is the guarantee of quality and neutral vendor to get all technology knowledge needed. Visit for more information.

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