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The CCC Global Digital Skills Report 2022 Is Out


Irma Barros


The latest report from CCC indicates a digital skills deficit is affecting the quality and success of digital transformation programs globally. 

Change is required from a business perspective, and also necessary from the human perspective. For a business to remain successful it needs to evolve with the times, add new products and services, respond to a changing market and consumer needs.

For this change to happen and to successfully drive transformation, growth, and development are essential more than ever the digital skills are required to enable individuals in organizations.

The digital readiness of organizations has been challenged over the past two years; remote working is now the new standard of work. 

According to Mark O’Loughlin, Managing Director of CCC, “We expanded our research to focus on organizations going through transitions, meaning every organization. We reached out to our partners and the global IT professional community in order to assess how they were undergoing transition and transformation programs, from the technological, operational, and individual perspectives.”

The CCC Digital Skills Report 2022 elaborates on the digital skills gap, the status of change in organizations, as well as the main trends identified. In addition, expert contributors have added their inputs, substantiating the report with key insights on the fundamental changes in the IT industry.

The analysis identifies key aspects marking the change in organizations:

– A digital skills gap exists. The digital skill deficit is real. 

– Learning is at the center of digital adoption

– Enabling people is the priority

“In today’s world, it has never been easier to adopt digital products and services than at any other point in time”. However, digital technology needs the right blend of skills, capabilities, and know-how to be adopted, used, and managed successfully.”

“If your organization has a digital skills deficit, identify it, then rectify it through appropriate training and education programs. Develop your talent for the digital age,” Mark O’Loughlin Managing Director CCC. 

Consult the CCC Digital Skills Report so experience the impact the digital skills deficit is causing, and learn what you can do to mitigate the skills deficit for your organization.




Mark O'Loughlin


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