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Announcing CCC’s New Affiliate Program

Joey van Kuilenburg

Announcing CCC’s New Affiliate Program

If you care as much about upskilling and reskilling IT and business professionals as we do, you might be eligible to apply for the CCC Affiliate Program — our new program that pays you a 20% referral bonus for referring friends and colleagues to industry-recognized CCC self-study courses.

This year we have helped more professionals in their digital transformation journey than ever before. We’re continuously improving our certifications, we’ll soon introduce new certification courses, we’re growing our network of training partners, and we recently published the Digital Skills Report. We’ll continue supporting the development of professionals and for the next step, we call on your help to spread the word!

If you help your colleagues enjoy the great benefits of passing a CCC self-study certification program, you earn a 20% commission.

How Does Being an Affiliate Work

You’ll receive a custom tracking link as well as a promo code to reward your colleagues with discounts on CCC self-study courses, and a downloadable template with sample email messages.

Why Should You Become an Affiliate

  • Earn a commission: get a 20% referral bonus on every sale you bring in, whether it’s through a link in a blog post, a colleague you help or sharing our courses on social media.
  • Align with the CCC: the CCC partners with professionals that share our vision to extend the competencies of IT professionals in the digital transformation domain.
  • Get Affiliate exclusives: be the first to hear about offers, opportunities, and events.

This is your chance to ‘digital-ready’ the workforce and help fill the millions of unfilled jobs.

Check Your Affiliate Commissions

Once you’ve registered as an affiliate, you can check your personal affiliate area to see your earnings.

Marketing Support for Affiliates

We’ve started you out with a link you can share via email, your organization’s messaging tools, social media, etc., and banners you can post on your site. If we accept your application to become one of our affiliates, you will receive a downloadable message template to help you shape your messages for maximal conversion potential.

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate

There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made. The more business professionals you refer, the more you earn.

Join the CCC Affiliate Program

Join the CCC Affiliate Program and help other business professionals manage the challenges modern businesses are facing.

About the Author

Joey is a marketer who prefers to put in a bit of extra work to make an “ok” product or experience an amazing product or experience.

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