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The CCC Launches a Digital Badge Program for Certified Professionals

Joey van Kuilenburg


Starting today, we will award both digital badges and digital certifications to IT and business professionals on their digital transformation journey. We already offered traditional pdf certifications to acknowledge and recognize professionals with proven expertise in the CCC portfolio. The new digital badges and certifications are offered by us to improve the visibility of CCC certification holders and help them in the process of validation. 

With this new service, we will provide career growth insights based on our certifications. This way professionals can see exactly what the impact of their newly acquired certification has had on others and what they can expect when they pursue a CCC credential themselves.

We recognize the importance of being able to verify skills. Accredible’s digital badges and certificates are unsurpassed when it comes to security and verification. Digital badges and certificates allow professionals to easily share the verifiable details of their achievements by posting their credentials to social media profiles. Individuals can now prove their credibility, and employers can identify the ideal job candidate.


Our recent CCC Digital Skills Survey shows that organizations across the globe are unaware of the significant gap they have in understanding what digital really is, what digital can deliver, and how to achieve success from digital strategies and the adoption of digital technologies. The new digital badges and certificates help IT and business professionals prove they are able to handle the many challenges modern businesses are facing — giving them a clear advantage over their peers.

Professionals receive their certificate and badge via email shortly after passing the exam and are able to login to their certificates and badges at any point afterward using their email address. After logging in, professionals can retrieve their credentials, and analyze salary ranges specific to their certification’s skills, including which companies are interested in hiring the skills that the certification provides.

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