The Shift to a Service-on-Demand Business Operating Model and Working Practices

By Mark Skilton, CEO, Digital Ecosystem practices, Synthetic Spheres Ltd.

CCC is pleased to share with you a deeper knowledge of various frameworks and domains—connecting their usage and application for the betterment of the IT profession. Our appreciation goes out to Mark Skilton who has generously shared his invaluable knowledge and experience with us. We would also like to give special thanks to the ITpreneurs for their contribution in writing this paper.

The right skills for professional-level cloud computing involve both a technical and business perspective. Organizations today use a mix of cloud and hosted solutions that the IT professional and the business must navigate. Professional-level cloud certifications bridge the gap between technical cloud certification and practical business outcomes.

White Paper: Professional Cloud Solutions and Service Practices

Mark Skilton is the CEO and Founder of Synthetic Spheres. He has held senior global director internal and external consulting positions in Information Technology in numerous international industries and organizations. Mark has over 30 years experience in a wide variety of customer facing and provider solutions strategies and consults on a board level in operating model transformations and value creation. Next to his own business, he is also a Professor in Information Systems Management and innovation at Warwick Business School. Last, but not least, he is the Lead Author of the Professional Cloud Solution Architect Certificate for the CCC.