Training providers can now expand their cloud training portfolio more easily with a free trainer certification and accreditation package before October 31, 2016. The demand for cloud training and certification continues to grow. Creating a challenge for training providers to prepare trainers and onboard a cloud training program fast enough to meet this demand. With this offer, the CCC and EXIN aim to improve the efficiency and ease of preparing trainers and onboarding a cloud training program for training providers worldwide.

The CCC partner and member network is the platform from which we can jointly increase the accessibility and ease of adopting cloud standards training and certifications. With EXIN, one of the EI of the CCC, on board, we’re excited to meet the demand of a growing cloud certification market. This offer will enable training providers to make use of the services provided by EXIN, prepare their trainers, and begin delivering the relevant cloud training for their customers as soon as Q4 2016.

For more information on this offer and CCC accreditation please email