Successful cloud service management teams don’t need to reinvent their ITSM best practices and established technologies entirely. They can harness the advantages of ITSM disciplines to adopt innovative cloud technologies and methodologies successfully.

Kaimar Karu and Alex Hernandez drive the ITSM capabilities of IT professionals and organizations globally. We’re asking them;

  • How the most successful organizations are using their existing ITSM capabilities to perform in cloud.
  • What you need to know to adapt your ITSM and successfully adopt cloud.
  • The cloud service management skills and approaches for organizations to realize their cloud vision.

ITIL in Cloud

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About the Speakers

Kaimar Karu AXELOSKaimar Karu is the Head of Product Strategy and Development at AXELOS. He and his team are focused on helping organizations and individuals get the most out of the frameworks and methodologies in the AXELOS portfolio, by combining established best practice with good and emergent practices and philosophies. Kaimar is an experienced ITSM and PPM practitioner who has a career background in various business and technical domains, including IT support and software development. He has a passion for education and taught in schools and universities before becoming a trainer, delivering courses for professionals in both the private and the public sectors across Europe. In 2013, Kaimar was elected president of itSMF Estonia, having served as a board member for five consecutive years. He’s now based in London, but is on the road most of the time working with ITIL practitioners globally.

Alex Hernandez SAPAlex Hernandez is Head of IT Service Management at SAP SuccessFactors. He spent over 15 years consulting Fortune 500 C-suite in IT service management, IT strategy, information security, business continuity and ServiceNow engagements. His global footprint spans the technology, media and entertainment, financial services and healthcare industries across Europe, Central and South America, and Asia Pacific including India. Alex was also a reviewer for the CCC Professional Cloud Service Manager syllabus during his time at Accenture, prior to his work as Director of CIO Advisory Services for KPMG US.


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