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Is Digital Transformation Transforming?

Mark O'Loughlin

Mark O'Loughlin


Is Digital Transformation Transforming?

52% believe that, within the next three years, some part of their organization will have fundamentally changed the way it operates due to the adoption of digital technologies and services. Many indicate that change is already happening.

However, numerous analyst firms continue to report approximately 70% of digital transformation projects fall short of their goals, with a high number of failures. 

The main reasons?

  • Lack of clear guidelines
  • Absence of business value proof
  • Fear of transforming existing norms

One thing is common: people’s perception. 

Leading Digital Transformation With People

People are at the center of organizations and if they feel a lack of clarity or fear: no wonder the projects would fall short of the promises. 

“Organizational success is a direct result of employee engagement. While it is only normal to desire people to be engaged, this is something we cannot force. It’s essential to create an environment where people can shine and want to engage.

However, you can’t stop your company’s growth for the sake of your peoples’ uncomfortableness with change; and growth always means change. Change is a constant and it is crucial for your people to get on board and to adapt to ensure your company’s growth.”

Tina Frey Clements, CCC Talks Guest & Vice President at The Retail Performance Company.


Is digital transformation successfully transforming your organization and what you do? 


Rethinking The Traditional Business Model For The Digital Age

“Many organizations are led to believe that digital transformation is digitalizing their existing business processes. This might make their business faster, smarter, and cheaper to run. Well, a faster, smarter, cheaper Titanic is still the Titanic. And we all know how that story ended.

To be successful in the digital age organizations should be totally rethinking their business processes and their overall business model. Organizations need to transition from the operating model we have used for a few hundred years into a post-industrial model for the digital age.” Ade McCormack, Founder of the Disruption Readiness Institute


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Mark O'Loughlin

About the Author

Mark O'Loughlin is the Managing Director of the CCC. Mark is internationally recognized as a global thought leader and published author in digital IT, cloud computing, DevOps, cloud service management, and IT Service Management.

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