Palo Alto, December 2015 – The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) accreditation scheme now includes the affiliates of CCC Accredited Training Partners (ATPs). The processes to enable affiliates of CCC ATPs to deliver CCC accredited certification training are now in place and open for ATPs and their affiliates.

An ATP Affiliate is a third-party which an ATP has a contractual agreement with to deliver CCC accredited certification training. It is the ATPs responsibility to ensure the affiliate works according to the CCC Accreditation Scheme. The ATP must submit an Accredited Training Partner Affiliate application form to the CCC in advance of the commencement of the Affiliate’s activities.

As per the CCC Accreditation Scheme, Affiliates will be required to use Accredited Trainers and Accredited Courseware in the delivery of any CCC accredited certification training. However, the ATP Affiliate designation enables those training providers with limited resources to adopt the QMS of the ATP they are affiliated with and develop their portfolio with minimal investment in accreditations. The affiliate model eases the barrier to partnering with the CCC, encouraging the adoption of cloud computing certifications and best practice standards in the industry by expanding its network of training partners.

Prospective affiliates are encouraged to contact a compatible ATP in their area in order to reach an agreement and submit the ATP Affiliate form to the CCC for accreditation.