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Knowledge Byte: The Benefits of Cloud Interoperability and Portability


Paulo Guimarães


Interoperability and portability are critical to ensure easy movement and migration of services between cloud platforms.

Definition of Interoperability and Portability

● Portability is the process with which application components are moved and reused elsewhere, from mainly on-premise to cloud or from private cloud to public cloud and vice versa.

● Interoperability enables components located separately, on-premise, in a private cloud, in the public cloud, or hybrid cloud, to function together to achieve the intended outcome.

● Portability and interoperability relate to the ability to build systems from reusable components that will work together out of the box.


● Enable services to be scaled across multiple providers by ensuring the seamless movement of data and applications from one service provider platform to another.

● Enable cloud consumers to avoid/prevent vendor lock-in by enabling identical cloud deployments to occur in different cloud provider solutions. The detailed benefits of interoperability and portability are given:

● By using the cloud computing model for IT services, the organizations will be able to reduce their data center infrastructure expenditure by approximately 30% of IT spending that could be migrated to cloud computing solutions.

● Cloud computing can complement data center consolidation efforts by shifting workloads and applications to infrastructures owned and operated by third parties.

● The shift to cloud computing can help to mitigate the fragmented data, application, and infrastructure silo issues by focusing on IT services as a utility.

● Cloud computing can accelerate data center consolidation efforts by reducing the number of applications hosted on-premise.

● Cloud computing allows the organization to use its IT investments in a more innovative way and to more easily adopt innovations from the cloud provider.

● Cloud computing will also help IT services take advantage of leading-edge technologies.

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