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Enrich your career with IoT

Joey van Kuilenburg

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While “Internet” is familiar to all of us, the Internet’s first real evolution namely “Internet of Things” or IoT is gaining traction in many organizations. IoT, one of the most revolutionary technology trends, is supposedly considered to be bigger than the industrial revolution. Such is IoT’s growth, that it is expected to expand rapidly and extensively, making it difficult for organizations to keep pace with the changes.

  • What then is IoT and how does it differ from the common “Internet”?
  • How can IoT, another emerging digital technology, be harnessed to derive benefits to organizations while addressing the challenges of security and privacy?
  • Is it a silver bullet, that can comprehensively solve an organization’s business and IT problems?
  • Is it useful to all types of industries and where does one need to start in this adoption process?
  • Is it more conducive for usage to consumers or to industries or more profitable being a provider?
  • How does IoT integrate with machine learning, adaptive analytics and augmented reality?

If you are seeking answers to these and similar questions, then it is time to start exploring about IoT. Gartner has predicted that there will be nearly 20 billion internet-connected things by the end of the year. These things, mind you, that we speak about are not the generally used sensors in smartphones or wearables, but rather specific functionality-based ecosystems such as smart offices and parking, connected cars, jet engines, etc.

Organizations planning to leverage IoT for their business gains and to maintain a competitive edge, need to recruit and develop the right skills and expertise for this mission. On the other hand, professionals who plan to start working with IoT need to undergo some form of training or self-study to prepare for this journey. The study or training should focus on the following objectives:

  • Understand the terminology and concepts of IoT
  • The role of IoT in organizations and its benefits and challenges
  • The basic IoT components – sensors, processors (microcontrollers), gateways, and applications
  • The different IoT Network protocols
  • IoT’s relation to Big Data, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • How IoT architectures should be designed and developed that are cost-effective, scalable, secure, agile, high-performing and fault-tolerant
  • Various examples and case studies related to the adoption of IoT

Cloud Credential Council’s (CCC) IoT Foundation course can be your first step in getting acquainted with the terminologies and concepts of IoT. The course is suitable for any learner interested in understanding the fundamentals of IoT and how it can help organizations and people in their daily lives. The course is explained in a simple and lucid manner with case studies, suitable examples as well as the economic potential and impact it holds in the years to come.

Today, IoT is so positioned in the digital transformation space, that IT professionals ignoring to keep abreast of this technology will soon be left behind in their career progression. So, it is prudent to make your first move and start experimenting with IoT. This will enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge to leverage the technology in your organization and daily life. Besides, once you clear the CCC exam, you also get your first IoT certification. Start enriching your career with IoT!

About the Author

Joey is a marketer who prefers to put in a bit of extra work to make an “ok” product or experience an amazing product or experience.

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