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Advance your career with IoT

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

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The Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, is an important technology required in today’s Digital Business. For a beginner aspiring to pursue a career in IoT, it is not only about understanding the IoT architecture, network protocols and enabling technologies (Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity) but also understanding the business and growth perspectives, economic implications, monetization models and critical success factors. Gartner forecasts that an estimated 25 billion connected things across industries and consumers will be in use by 2021. A leading executive of Gartner Research quotes the following:

It is important that when you embark on your IoT journey, you very clearly identify the business value rather than the technological challenges.

Today the IoT job market is growing exponentially and this is the most appropriate time for professionals to develop the skills needed to compete in this hot job market. Gartner predicts that three-fourths of IoT projects will take twice as long as they should due to lack of IoT talent. There are a variety of challenging and lucrative job opportunities available in IoT. An average salary for those possessing IoT skills is upward of $135,000. Emerging roles in IoT include:

  • Chief Internet of Things Officer (CIoTO)
  • IoT Architect
  • IoT Platform Developer
  • IoT Solution Tester
  • IoT Embedded Engineer
  • IoT Security Engineer
  • Industrial UI/UX Engineer
  • Software / Mobile Developers
  • Hardware / Firmware / Network Engineers
  • Data Scientists / Big Data Engineers / Machine Learning Engineers

In the world of IoT, where we talk about smart services/applications and benefits of a connected world, there are discrete areas that one needs to understand and build upon such as

  • Sensors / Tags / Actuators
  • Processors / Microcontrollers
  • Networking / Gateways / Cloud Connectivity / Edge Computing
  • Big Data Storage and Analytics
  • IoT Security, Privacy and Governance
  • (Next Generation) Smart and Mobile Applications

To research and develop these diverse skills individually is a long and tedious process and this is where Cloud Credential Council’s (CCC) Internet of Things Foundation (IoT) course can assist a beginner with their IoT career. The course covers important concepts, key terminologies and all of the previously mentioned skill areas.

One of the highlights of this course is its coverage of several singular and compound applications through varied case studies in transportation, health, environment, automation, and other fields. Another important aspect covered is live scenarios on the effects and consequences of hackers / cyber-criminals exploiting IoT and the measures required to mitigate such risks and threats. The multiple case studies and live examples help the student understand the application of various IoT principles and features. Additionally, the student can also appear for an exam and obtain a well-deserved CCC’s certification in IoT-Foundation. In conclusion, to remain relevant and employed in the digital age, it is about time to embrace and capitalize on the IoT explosion.

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

About the Author

Security Specialty Trainer; AWS Architect; CCC Master Trainer, Author of CTA, CTA+ & IoT; and Accredited DASA DevOps Trainer with 25+ years of IT experience.

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