Blockchain Foundation Launch

Date 05/03/2019
Duration 30 minutes
Host Sherry Jacob & Mark O'Loughlin
Time 9:00 am

The fastest growing new technology in the last decade is without a doubt blockchain. But despite its significance and wide acceptance, the majority of the entrepreneurs are yet to comprehend the capabilities and the advantages of integrating this technology into their business environment.

To better empower companies in their digital transformation journey, we now offer Blockchain Certifications that present the full spectrum of opportunities that this technology offers.

Blockchain Foundation Certification

The first Blockchain Certification that we will launch is the CCC Blockchain Foundation Certification. This program helps IT professionals and organizations maximize the potential of blockchain and it is designed to provide candidates with a well-rounded understanding of blockchain concepts.

As a result, this program is ideal for professionals seeking a way to implement blockchain into their business and for candidates who wish to pursue a career in blockchain technology.

Launch Webinar

Together with our courseware partner ITpreneurs, we will host an official CCC Blockchain Foundation launch webinar. During this webinar, Sherry Jacob (Senior Manager at Accenture), and Mark O’Loughlin (CCC Managing Director) will explain exactly how this new certification program helps candidates realize maximum business value with blockchain.


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