COVID-19 Assistance Program

Digital transformation has never been more relevant than today, and yet these are challenging times for a lot of professionals in the industry.

As a global certification provider, we recognize our responsibility in helping you navigate these challenges. Until the end of July, we offer all our industry-recognized certification courses for 50% off. These courses have time and time again proven to be a great asset when improving your employability, proving your worth, and ultimately, when finding a job. Allow yourself this advantage over your peers.

50% Discount

Boost your employability with our special discount.

Free Upskilling

Big Data self-study is temporarily available at no charge.

Work from home, upskill from home

You can upskill in just 16 hours per certification, and there has never been a better time to do so than now. You get instant access to the self-study materials and practical, useful resources that help you get up-to-speed on the essential digital skills currently in demand. And best of all, you can study and take the certification exam from the comfort of your own home. Learn the way you learn best with our self-study certification courses.

Free non-certification self-study available

As an extra measurement to help those who have been displaced or those who need to improve their employability, we are now temporarily offering our Big Data self-study ebook at no cost at all. Big data is one of the hottest skills in the digital transformation industry and you can now learn this skill with only an investment of your time.


Now Is The Time To Upskill

Be Future-Ready

Be ready for a better future by getting certified now.

Learn From Home

Spend your time at home learning more profitable skills.

50% Discount

Special offer available to help in these challenging times.


The game-changer for your career

The post-COVID world will likely look dramatically different. Whatever the business challenges that lay ahead, it is important to also recognise that digital transformation is a significant part of the solution. Browse our top self-study certifications, upskill, and prepare yourself today!


Sharable and trackable on social media


Share your skills on LinkedIn

Prove that you are what employers are looking for by becoming a certified professional.

  • Shareable course badges and certificates

  • Self-paced training

  • Mock exam questions

  • Webcam proctored exams that can be taken from anywhere

  • Exam voucher included


We will continue to run this discount until June 30, 2020.

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