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What Jobs Need Digital Transformation Experts


Paulo Guimarães

Jobs for Digital Transformation Experts

Digital transformation isn’t just for those who work in the tech industry. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any industry that hasn’t benefited from tech innovations in one way or another. You could even say it’s those who aren’t in the tech sector that actually need the most help when it comes to finding digital transformation solutions that suit their operations. With that in mind, below is a quick primer on the jobs and industries that would greatly benefit from digital transformation experts.


Insurance is a tricky industry to operate in, and it can be hard to attract new customers. This is where digital transformation comes in. The rise of IoT wearables alone presents an opportunity for insurance companies to gain in-depth information on their customers. For instance, UK-based insurance company Aditya Birla Health relies on fitness trackers and heart monitors to help get a better picture of clients’ health and tailor their insurance policy accordingly. What’s more, the shift towards chatbots and automated response forms gives insurers the necessary information at their fingertips — an incredibly useful benefit, considering accidents may crop up unexpectedly.


Digital marketing is the way forward, so it’s no surprise that marketers need digital transformation experts to help navigate this new terrain. Our previous post on Why Digital Transformation is Crucial for Efficient Marketing cites using AI for data analytics as a huge need for marketing companies. Social media alone comprises tons of data points that can yield useful information. When you consider the number of social media platforms the average company uses, the need for AI becomes clear. By relying on AI to analyze things from user sentiment to historical data, marketers can get a clearer picture of how to structure their digital campaigns.

Transport and Logistics

Today’s global economy means businesses and supply chains now operate in all corners of the globe, thereby necessitating seamless communication across different time zones. Looking at on-the-ground transport alone presents a perfect case study for the need for digital transformation. Verizon Connect points to fleet management solutions as a way for both managers and drivers to stay efficient. By monitoring driver location and optimizing routes, these management solutions allow drivers to deliver timely service to clients and partners alike. Such digital transformation highlights the need for companies to work with platforms that best suit their day-to-day operations. Working with GPS trackers and cloud-based systems allows transport companies to be as efficient as possible.


The global health crisis has been particularly hard for the hospitality industry, with experts predicting a long road to recovery. With CBC reporting the slow reopening of hotels across New Brunswick, relying on digital tools can help give businesses a much-needed restart. From using AI-powered concierges to mobile-enabled reservations and keyless entry, those in the hospitality industry can leverage tech to create a more relaxing and convenient environment for customers. Of course, these digital tools also open up time for actual staff to address customers to the best of their ability.

Concluding Remarks

The industries mentioned above only provide a very basic understanding of how many diverse companies can benefit from digital transformation. While digital transformation can be a daunting process to undergo, the promises of efficiency and productivity make it well worth the investment for organizations of different dimensions and levels of ambition.

This article was written in collaboration with external consultant Raya Julia.

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