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The Big Data Approach to Hiring Professionals


Paulo Guimarães


No company in the world succeeds without the right people. Until a fully capable AI-driven company comes along in the heart of it all, it is the workforce that changes the ebb and flow of a company. You can be a Fortune 500 company or a small startup; the key to success lies in hiring the right people for the right job.

It used to be an arduous process, finding the workforce. However, the rise of the internet and data analysis have changed the game forever.

Mainly, the numbers have changed. In the past, a recruitment manager would hand sort the posted resumes, sort them, and selected the ideal candidates and interviewed them. But with the demands of today’s world and evergrowing workforce, it has come to the point where we have to employ Big Data to do our bidding. Are there advantages to using Big Data analytics for your next hire? This article aims to answer that question.

The Way We Recruit Has Transformed

Companies all over the world use predictive analysis to get a plethora of work done from online shopping habits to measure out how much consumers like a particular TV show. The use of Big Data is endless. The same can be applied to pick out the best suitor for a job. Be that it’s their educational background, skillset, and their diverse background, Big Data practices can sort out all possible candidates for specific groups. After all, why second guess and shoot in the dark when your hiring process can be optimized by using a scientific method. The majority of HR experts now rely on People Analytics for their next hire.

Maybe Your Next Hire Should Have a Data Science Background

According to a study by IBM, we will need 28% more data scientists worldwide by the end of 2020. This is perfectly understandable considering the number of skills you have to juggle. You have to be a math wiz who can handle calculus, Linear algebra, statistics as well as computer skills like machine learning, database handling and knowing either R or Python as a programming language. This is a long list of expertise, and this goes to show how much need is there for good data scientists. Having a good data scientist who can sift through the mud and find a shining gem is a grand addition for your team. So if you are to find your next best hire, you should consider consulting a data scientist.

How Big Your Company Is Not a Concern Anymore

In the past, big toys were reserved for the name brand companies. Sure they can get a better benefit from using predictive analysis tools, but that doesn’t mean your startup can’t use them. Everyone in the market is looking for the next superhero that will transform your workplace. It can be a legend of a coder, a marketing wizard, or a killer whale of a salesperson. All of them are lost in a sea of information, but the correct approach to Big Data can help you find them. With minimal effort, you can find your big hire. It can even come from Linkedin Analytics. Big companies incorporate these data banks do reduce redundancies in the hiring process, and it can drive their goals up.

You Can Automate Your HR Affairs

It is the next big buzzword on the mouth of every organization, and that is with good reason. Combining your vast amounts of new employee data with AI can increase the efficiency of your organization. It can redefine the way your day to day tasks are handled. You will have a birds-eye view of the application process. You can run queries to narrow down on a specific candidate. This way, you can save the embarrassment of interviewing the wrong person, waste time of your HR team, and many other impediments in your hiring process. If there is a brilliant Big Data analytic system is in place, your next professional hire will be an easy game.

Tap Into Social Media

Without a doubt, Social Media has changed the way we do things in the 21st Century. It is a multitool that has enabled businesses to reach out more and expand the services they provide. With Big Data Analysis combined, you can be out on the look for your next professional hire. A big number of tools are available for you to pinpoint your next hire based on the data candidates generate via using their social media accounts. This can also provide you with a window to the off work-life pattern of your possible next hire. What’s more, you won’t be manually searching for individuals and stalking them. However, a smarter tool is looking at specific goals that you can preset.

Using People Analytics in Human Resources can open the door of your company to a multitude of new talent. They may come in all sizes and form from a vast background of skills. But using the right tech and the right time can ensure you that no time was wasted looking for the matching candidate.

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