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Getting Higher in the Cloud

Joey van Kuilenburg

Getting Higher in the Cloud

We spoke to the authors of the Cloud Credential Council Cloud Technology Associate certification syllabus to better understand the impact of cloud on practicing IT professionals. The result – “If you’re out of cloud, you’re out of work. Really!”

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Transcript: ‘Getting Higher in the Cloud’

“We’ve designed CTA to bring the IT professional the knowledge and the skills that they need to be part of the cloud conversation and that really modernises their skill set. And the way we do that in the course is by mixing the technology stuff with a discussion on how cloud affects both the IT side of the organisation as well as the business side of the organisation. ”

“The balance between technology and business value and risk. For every cloud aspect that we discuss we talk about how to realise the value and reduce the risk. Other courses either focus on technology, focus on the risk or focus on the very specific application value.”

“Several points stand out as compared to other courses. Where other courses focus only on the theory aspects, this course specifically includes hands-on labs enabling the student to understand the concepts in a practical manner rather than in an abstract way.
Other courses either do not cover all the requisite basics that are needed for understanding this technology or go into extensive depth into technical aspects which are certainly not required at this stage of learning.”

“Well, apparently there’s a shortage of IT skills in general, that’s what we hear. But since the cloud is growing so much the need for cloud skills is probably growing faster. Even experienced IT staff need to re-skill like they’ve always done in the past years. ”

If you’re out of cloud, you’re out of work. Really.”

Meet the CCC Cloud Technology Associate Authors

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

Sudhakar Nagasampagi is a 25+ year IT professional, accredited master trainer, international speaker, trainer, course author, blogger, etc. He is an active Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds the ITIL 2011 foundation certification. He currently provides training in the areas of cloud computing and virtualization, in which he maintains numerous certifications. He also provides trainings in IT security and cloud security. He is the lead author and master trainer for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) course.

Peter van Eijk

Peter van Eijk develops and delivers workshops for swift and secure cloud adoption.
He has worked for Deloitte Consulting, IT supplier EDS, internet providers, and at the University of Twente, where he received his PhD in 1988. He is also the co-author for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) certification syllabus.

About the Author

Joey is a marketer who prefers to put in a bit of extra work to make an “ok” product or experience an amazing product or experience.

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