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Cloud Service Models: Redefining the Business Model.

Joey van Kuilenburg

Cloud Service Models Redefining the Business Model.

Cloud experts and practitioners agree that cloud is more than just a new technology. It is redefining business models and corporate strategy. In this video, the second in a series of 4 videos, we’ve highlighted the use cases for cloud which feature prominently in industry. Cloud can be transformational, as is the case with Netflix, or a cost effective way to model new ideas and test products.

We spoke to the authors of the Cloud Credential Council Cloud Technology Associate certification syllabus to better understand the impact of cloud on practicing IT professionals. The result – “If you’re out of cloud, you’re out of work. Really!”

For more information on the Cloud Technology Associate certification visit: www.cloudcredential.org/cta

Transcript: ‘Impact of cloud, what is all the hype?’

You have three service models, that is software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service.”

Cloud is really redefining the service model. Even if you know the technology and you’re pretty good at the technology you know. You will have to understand how the big framework of cloud services is pieced together and where your biggest contribution will be.”

“The most spectacular example really is Netflix. Netflix, ten fifteen years ago was a D.V.D. rental company sending out D.V.D.’s across the United States. Then it figured out that because of the Internet that was a dying business in the long run, and then they transformed themselves into a video on demand platform and they figured out a way to do that was to embrace cloud thinking both internally as well as by using a huge amount of cloud resources from a cloud provider. Now they are the biggest user of Internet bandwidth in the United States and spreading to different countries just like that.”

The latest technologies and the applications that cloud provides in this course give them an insight into how they can also develop parallel ways of better providing services, maybe even cheaper services. In that way they can experiment and come out with better products. In fact, one of the biggest advantages in the cloud is that since it is a minimal investment factor entrepreneurs can easily try and experiment and if they succeed they can certainly go and expand their business. If they fail it hardly makes a loss for them because their investment is minimal.”

“Cloud is definitely the new wave in IT. It’s a new IT service model and we see penetration rises about ten fifteen percent every year. So most companies are now using it and ten percent of their IT budgets is getting to be Cloud related. In a couple of years that will be more than half.”

If you’re out of cloud, you’re out of work. Really.”

Meet the CCC Cloud Technology Associate Authors

Sudhakar Nagasampagi

Sudhakar Nagasampagi is a 25+ year IT professional, accredited master trainer, international speaker, trainer, course author, blogger, etc. He is an active Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds the ITIL 2011 foundation certification. He currently provides training in the areas of cloud computing and virtualization, in which he maintains numerous certifications. He also provides trainings in IT security and cloud security. He is the lead author and master trainer for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) course.

Peter van Eijk

Peter van Eijk develops and delivers workshops for swift and secure cloud adoption.
He has worked for Deloitte Consulting, IT supplier EDS, internet providers, and at the University of Twente, where he received his PhD in 1988. He is also the co-author for the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) certification syllabus.


About the Author

Joey is a marketer who prefers to put in a bit of extra work to make an “ok” product or experience an amazing product or experience.

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