Big data is big business, but how do you get in? Many organization struggle with data management. Likewise, professionals often covet a sea of structured, accessible data they can easily use in their work, but lack in reality.

Mario Bojilov, lead author of the CCC Big Data Foundation syllabus, provides practical applications of big data in his talk later this month. He will give us some clarity on how to build the critical data analytics skills to float, rather than sink, in the sea of data – and even build a path to a career in big data.


About the Speaker

Mario BojilovMario Bojilov is founder and Chief Data Strategist of Meta Business Systems based in Brisbane, Australia. The company is focused on performance monitoring, business intelligence and social media analytics. Mario is also an author, trainer, speaker and lecturer, holding various speaking engagements for professional auditing associations as well  the University of Queensland. Mario holds a Masters in Engineering, Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor.