The abundance of data changes the nature of competition in the market. Organizations who are best at collecting data, and making sense of it are winning in the market. Big Data is the new oil that drives modern organizations.

When talking about the skills needed for Big Data, the terms that most come up are technical skills. For example the ability to work with Hadoop, Pig, Hyve, Mahoot, Spark, MongoDB. Technical Big Data skills are only part of the story though – working with Big Data has an impact on everyone within the organization. The CCC Big Data Foundation Certifications helps to ready the organization for non-technical requirements. Here is why:

Front Line Users

The actual people who are taking decisions on a day to day basis that influence the direction of the organization. Based on the data that is available to them they define strategy, orchestrate tactics, and direct operations.  Front line workers, such as Marketeers, Product Managers, Line Managers, Business Unit managers, need to be readied for Big Data so that they are not drowning in the data that is presented to them. The Big Data Foundation certification to build an understanding of the capabilities of Big Data so that business users can understand the possibilities that are there for them.

Big Data Analysts

The Data Analyst is transforming traditional businesses into data-driven organizations. These are the professionals who work with the vast amounts of data collected in the organization and convert this raw data into decision making information. Big Data Analysts are technical heroes with a good understanding of databases and visualization tools.

The Big Data Foundation Certification provides a solid starting point for any analyst moving into big data. It provides an overview of the key concepts, terminology, and big data lifecycle.

Solution Development Teams – Big Data Engineer/Software Engineers

Software Engineers working with big data technologies require a detailed understanding of the Big Data landscape and the core technologies chosen by their organization. Working on a set of tools is important, but building an understanding of why the organization is investing in Big Data, and understanding the end-end lifecycle from data to decisions is gold.

Positioning the Big Data Foundation Certification prior to joining technology training programs helps Engineers to better understand the big picture.

The importance of skills

Technology plays an important role in modern digital organizations, but with technology alone organizations cannot succeed. Teams need to understand the context and relevance of Big Data and build readiness for working with vast amounts of data. The Big Data Foundation Certification builds this readiness and is a valuable certification for everyone working with Big Data.