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Past Webinars

Internet of Things Webinar Launch

Mark O’Loughlin, General Manager of the CCC has been invited by ITpreneurs to help training providers understand the benefits of offering their Internet of Things Foundation courseware and to discuss the relevance of this course for their customers. You are welcome to watch the webinar recording at the following link: https://gotowebinar.com/IoTF-Webinar/

ITSM, DevOps, Lean IT, Cloud – Better Together?

An exciting webinar itSMF USA has planned for May 17th. They have organised an expert panel representing IT Service Management, Cloud Computing and the Alliance Partners from the Lean IT Association (LITA) and the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). Our expert panel will discuss the value of their individual portfolio's while

Closing the African Cloud Skills and Capabilities Gap

Tuesday 13 December 2016 4:30 - 5:30 PM SAST / 15:30 - 16:30 CET Organisations are, more than ever, willing, able and interested in taking advantage of the efficiencies cloud computing offers. In fact, cloud-solutions may be the leverage that Multi Nationals and local businesses across Africa need to combat the lack of cloud

ITIL® in Cloud: ITSM Best Practices for Cloud Success

Successful cloud service management teams don’t need to reinvent their ITSM best practices and established technologies entirely. They can harness the advantages of ITSM disciplines to adopt innovative cloud technologies and methodologies successfully. Kaimar Karu and Alex Hernandez drive the ITSM capabilities of IT professionals and organizations globally. We’re asking them; How

Staying Relevant in a Disruptive Cloud Environment

Monday 12 December 2016 3:00 - 3:30 PM GMT / 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST Cloudify Your Profile Cloud computing is not only disrupting business and industry, but also our professional profiles across business and IT. While organizations scramble to attract cloud talent, professionals are equally baffled by how they can maintain their

Cloud Myths & Takeaways From the Training Room Floor

Cloud training classes see various 'myths' coming in and replace the myths with key takeaways. These common misconceptions can otherwise lead to costly mistakes or missed opportunities if left unidentified. In this thirty-minute webinar we explore some of the cloud myths and takeaways often encountered on the cloud training room floor. Get the highlights from

Big Data Analytics & Enterprise Cloud Computing

You’ve probably seen some cool data visualizations, and perhaps daydreamed of the day your organization’s data would be as easily computable. You’re not alone, many enterprises are falling behind the Big Data bandwagon and don’t all have clear direction to optimize their use of enterprise data as part of their

Checklist for Competent Cloud Security Management

For successful cloud adoption, one needs to understand the risk vs the reward and know how to mitigate those risks. Cloud security has been a major barrier and challenge for organizations moving into the cloud. Fortunately studies show this security concern is somewhat lessened this year. However, cloud security still

The Developer of the Future Starts Here

How to be a Cloud Savvy Developer and Why In 2011, Bob Violino wrote, “Whether developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud, you have to unlearn some beliefs and learn new ones to make it work.” It still stands true today. “Despite the potential challenges, for many organizations application development

If You’re Out of Cloud, You’re Out of Work

What does it mean to be a cloud professional? We see the term in more and more training and certification programs, and ‘cloud skills’ has increasingly become a requirement on many job descriptions. It’s quite general and vague what these specific skills this translates to for the variety of positions in

Architecting Your Way Up in the Cloud

Amongst the various cloud technology vendors and certification bodies offering cloud training, cloud solution architecture (CSA) is by far the most commonly served area. Architecture is undeniably important, but what is it that makes cloud architecture so deserving of this attention? What changed for architects in cloud computing? How do

Big Data is Big Business: How to Develop Big Data Competence

Big data is big business, but how do you get in? Many organization struggle with data management. Likewise, professionals often covet a sea of structured, accessible data they can easily use in their work, but lack in reality. Mario Bojilov, lead author of the CCC Big Data Foundation syllabus, provides practical

The Cloud Skills the Industry is Begging For

Move past the hypothetical discussions and gain practical insights on exactly how cloud computing is changing IT and business practices. Cloud computing has evolved and integrated itself in business. It’s become a necessity for strategic agility and technical excellence. Many organizations face challenges with the advents of cloud, including unexpected technical and

Hybrid Cloud: The Best Way to do the ‘Third Way’

As enterprises transform their traditional data centers to private clouds, hyper-competitive marketplaces are still demanding more IT efficiency. This is why industry leaders are embracing the 'Third Way' - Hybrid Clouds. While the value of hybrid model promises to deliver the security of a private cloud with the economic benefits

CCC webinars highlight key, current, topics in cloud computing and big data to align strategy with the practical competencies required for successful implementation.


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