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Kevin Jackson is a senior information technologist specializing in information technology solutions that meet critical Federal government operational requirements. Prior positions include VP & General Manager Cloud Services for NJVC, VP Federal Systems at Sirius Computer Solutions, Worldwide Sales Executive at IBM, Vice President Global IT Project Office at JP Morgan Chase, and CTO at SENTEL Corporation.  –

What is the CCC Executive FedRamp course?

Based on Kevin L. Jackson’s experience, the CCC has published a free course targeted at executives and managers that would like to gain a thorough understanding of aligning to FedRamp standards.

Course Details

The course is available as an online course on the CCC website and also contains an exam. 

Where can I take the EFC course?

The Course is available online on the CCC e-Learning platform.


This course will be of interest for executives looking to gain an understanding of key cloud concepts and ways to drive business growth through cloud enablement.

How to Become FedRamp Ready?



Join the EFC course.

This course is an online course only and split into a series of 4 modules, taught by Kevin L. Jackson, American business executive and writer.



Successful completion of the EFC exam.

The related exam can be taken online within the course after the completion of the 4 module.

What topics are covered in a CCC Executive Cloud Credential course?

  • Module 1: What is FedRAMP?
  • Module 2: FedRAMP for Federal Agencies: Value and Requirements
  • Module 3: FedRAMP for Cloud Service Providers (CSP): Value and Requirements
  • Module 4: FedRAMP for Third Party Assessors (3PAO): Value and Requirements, Templates and Key Documents

EFC Course Terminology:

All terminology, Reference Architectures, Security Reference Architectures used in the courses are based on NIST ( cloud computing definitions.

EFC Course Prerequisites:

There are no formal prerequisites.