Cloud Competence Webinars


The CCC monthly webinars have a good attendance from a mix of IT professionals, consultants and trainers in cloud computing. The webinars highlight key trends in cloud computing and the related competencies required to successfully adopt various cloud strategies. The webinar may feature a keynote speaker, be held in an interview style panel discussion, or a mix of presentation formats to make it as interesting for our audience as possible.

We work with our partners in a number of ways to provide value-adding content, let us know how you want to work with us. You can reach us at anytime via

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Coproduce a Webinar

Are you working on something you think would be relevant for our audience? Or, are there matters of cloud competence you see being under-addressed in industry? Get in touch, we’re happy to coproduce webinars with our partners!

  • Define the topic and speaker(s)
  • Co-brand the webinar session
  • Co-promote the webinar

Suggest a Topic/Speaker

Do you have a speaker in mind we should feature? Or a topic you’d like to hear more about? Let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. Thanks!

Co-promote a Webinar

See a topic or speaker that works well with your vision for cloud competence development? Share it, email it, get your contacts as excited about it as you are. We always appreciate your support, and we’re sure your contacts will appreciate the tip.