Marketing Toolkit

Your marketing and sales needs to quickly get your cloud certification training to your customers. The CCC marketing toolkit simplifies this. Quickly update your main communication channels with consistent information around your cloud certification training program.

Choose from the base marketing materials and simple checklist to start promoting your new course. Highlights of industry insights around the need for cloud certification, certification overviews and benefits can be found in these files.

What’s in the marketing toolkit?

  • Accreditation Icons: CCC Accredited Training Providers, Accredited Trainers, Accredited Courseware Providers and Members each get a designated icon to validate the CCC accreditation. Use the icon on your website (especially CCC training and ‘About’ pages) and various collateral to get the most out of your accredited status.
  • Syllabus: Use the course syllabus on the training registration web page, link to it in emails and/or print at events.
  • Brochures: Help your clients and prospects understand how each CCC certification can help them reach their respective goals in cloud computing. Link to the brochure from your training web page or send them an email with this information.
  • Certification Path Images: Show your clients how their CCC credential fits with technical and other best practice training.
  • Banners: The banners in the CCC marketing toolkit enable you to announce and/or promote the CCC trainings you offer with minimal effort. The banners have been formatted to fit the most commonly used sizes on major platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook & Twitter) and websites layouts. Direct your website visitors to your cloud training easily.
  • Press Release template: have a news section on your website or a news distribution service you use? Announce your CCC training offering with this ready to use press release template to guide you. The CCC will also publish the news item, send us a link.
  • Email templates: Email past and potential clients in your network about your cloud training, invite them to re-skill in cloud computing.
  • Email signatures: Most people use e-mail day to day, don’t miss these opportunities to inform your contacts of your latest cloud courses and CCC accreditation. The CCC Marketing Toolkit provides all accreditation and course icons resized to fit your e-mail footer/content.

Alternately, feel free to cut and paste* the key messages that are important for your market and develop your own marketing collateral. The CCC accreditation logo validates your course and CCC certification training materials and can be used independently on your own content.

*Don’t forget to credit the source when using content from the Toolkit.