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Welcome to the Cloud Credential Council

The CCC works closely with our partners to establish a strong foundation for cloud competence in industry through the Cloud Certification Program. We also do our best to make the work of our partners easier by providing:

  • Webinars: forums to discuss cloud competence and the latest developments in cloud computing in keynote, panel and various formats. You could be our next contributor.
  • Review boards: work in conjunction with us and provide direct input to the CCC Cloud Certification Program.
  • Website profile: accredited partners and member profiles to easily browse and find on the CCC website.
  • Marketing toolkit: easily announce your CCC certification training.

Click through to the highlighted sections above to see how you can build your momentum with cloud training. Engage with the CCC network of IT professionals, accredited training providers, courseware providers, trainers and member organisations with your success stories.

Keep in touch and let us know how it’s going, and how you’re finding the CCC Cloud Certification Program.