CCC Exam Service Provider

The Exam Service Provider is responsible for the delivery of exams. Exam Service Provider(s) have the logistical infrastructure to deliver exams to the market on a global basis.


The following requirements apply to Exam Service Providers:

  • Exam Service Provider(s) ensure global secure delivery of CCC certification
    exams on behalf of the CCC.
  • Exam Service Providers deliver at the minimum a CCC Standard Exam – this is a live proctored exam that is delivered as an online exam. Exam Service Providers have the option to extend the Standard Exam for example by offering the exam in a paper-based exam format.
  • Exam Service Providers work closely with CCC Training Partners or candidates to schedule exam sessions.
  • Exam Service Providers do not sell exam vouchers to candidates, vouchers are provided by the CCC to Authorized Courseware Partners who provide them to Authorized Training Partners.
  • Exam Service Providers are not allowed to work with third party organizations for the fulfillment of exams, such as Computer Based Testing Agencies or operational hubs.
  • Exam Service Provider(s) do not perform any accreditation services such as assessing and registering trainers or training partners.
  • Exam Service Providers may choose not to offer all exam categories the CCC offers. If the ESP offers a category (for example cloud), it must offer all products of that category.
  • The ESP will ensure that all examinations will be proctored, whether live
    proctoring or online proctoring (real-time surveillance).
  • Exam certificates are provided by the CCC for all candidates who completed an exam.