Intrusion Detection on Public IaaS. Cloud computing is driving the business of IT.

Joey van Kuilenburg / 07 January 2014

Intrusion Detection on Public IaaS

Intrusion Detection on Public IaaS

Cloud computing is driving the business of information technology today.
“A recent Gartner survey on the future of IT services found that only 38 percent of all organizations surveyed indicate cloud services use today. However, 80 percent of organizations said that they intend to use cloud services in some form within 12 months, including 55 percent of the organizations not doing so today.“ (Gartner, Inc, 2013)
As companies rush to adopt cloud, however, information technology (IT) security sometimes seems to be an afterthought.
The goal of this paper is to provide a survey of the current state of IT security within public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service providers. After first providing a cloud computing overview, the paper will focus on the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment model, the typical home of IaaS intrusion detection components. The Gartner Cloud Use Case Framework will then be introduced as it will also serve as the framework for this survey. An in-depth review of public cloud intrusion detection studies, options and expert observations will then follow. The paper will then offer the authors conclusions and cloud computing IDS recommendations for enterprises considering a move to the cloud.


Kevin Jackson is a senior information technologist specializing in information technology solutions that meet critical Federal government operational requirements. Prior positions include VP & General Manager Cloud Services for NJVC, VP Federal Systems at Sirius Computer Solutions, Worldwide Sales Executive at IBM, Vice President Global IT Project Office at JP Morgan Chase, and CTO at SENTEL Corporation.

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