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Cloud Myths & Takeaways From the Training Room Floor

Cloud training classes see various ‘myths’ coming in and replace the myths with key takeaways. These common misconceptions can otherwise lead to costly mistakes or missed opportunities if left unidentified. In this thirty-minute webinar we explore some of the cloud myths and takeaways often encountered on the cloud training room floor.

Get the highlights from what hundreds of cloud training participants from fortune 500 companies, federal and local government (including national security agencies) learned.



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About the Speaker

Bart CastleBart Castle is a leading Cloud Computing subject matter expert with over 15 years IT experience. An IT practitioner, consultant and instructor his work extends across Cloud Computing, Networking, Telephony, and traditional Data Center technologies. Bart has delivered close to a hundred cloud classes, split between the AWS and CCC programs. In combination with his training sessions in Networking and VOIP, he’s led hundreds of classes and coached thousands of participants since 2012. His participants from multinationals and fortune 500 companies including ADP, CBS, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, Accenture, and Deloitte as well as the aforementioned U.S. government agencies.