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Cloud Myths & Takeaways From the Training Room Floor

Cloud training classes see various 'myths' coming in and replace the myths with key takeaways. These common misconceptions can otherwise lead to costly mistakes or missed opportunities if left unidentified. In this thirty-minute webinar we explore some of the cloud myths and takeaways often encountered on the cloud training room floor. Get the highlights from

If You’re Out of Cloud, You’re Out of Work

What does it mean to be a cloud professional? We see the term in more and more training and certification programs, and ‘cloud skills’ has increasingly become a requirement on many job descriptions. It’s quite general and vague what these specific skills this translates to for the variety of positions in

Cloud & Data Analytics Skills Could Get You Hired in 2016

In case you missed it, LinkedIn did an analysis of the hottest skills of 2015 on LinkedIn. A platform with over 400 million users in 200 countries, we think the sampling is reliable enough to share. What did they find? Cloud and Distributed Computing topped the list globally, whilst statistical analysis

The Cloud Skills the Industry is Begging For

Move past the hypothetical discussions and gain practical insights on exactly how cloud computing is changing IT and business practices. Cloud computing has evolved and integrated itself in business. It’s become a necessity for strategic agility and technical excellence. Many organizations face challenges with the advents of cloud, including unexpected technical and

A Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption in South African Government

[slideshare id=28995126&doc=soafricangovcloudframeworkpaper-131207111001-phpapp02&type=d] A Framework for Cloud Computing Adoption in South African Government Technology adoption is always a critical concern in organizations (private and public). South African government experienced this encounter when adopted Open Source Software (OSS) with the objective to reduce ICT services costs among others. The implementation of OSS in SA
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Intrusion Detection on Public IaaS. Cloud computing is driving the business of IT.

[slideshare id=29778816&doc=intrusiondetectiononpubliciaas-kevinjackson-140107142719-phpapp01&type=d] Intrusion Detection on Public IaaS Cloud computing is driving the business of information technology today. “A recent Gartner survey on the future of IT services found that only 38 percent of all organizations surveyed indicate cloud services use today. However, 80 percent of organizations said that they intend to use cloud
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Lessons Learned: VA Cloud Email Termination

According to a Federal Computer Week article by Frank Konkel, The Department of Veterans Affairs terminated its five-year, $36 million cloud computing contract for email and calendaring services with HP Enterprise Services. Citing a material change in the agency's requirements, VA officials declined to elaborate on the requirement changes that were actually
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Pilot Texas Cloud Offering

[slideshare id=13947554&doc=pilottexascloudoffering-120811232127-phpapp01&type=d] Lessons Learned: Pilot Texas Cloud Offering. Report on lessons learned from Texas state government and cloud provider pilot project; includes cloud computing overview.
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DoD Cloud Computing Strategy

The DoD recently released the department's formal cloud computing strategy. [slideshare id=13646843&doc=dodcloudcomputingstrategyfinal-july62012-120715130639-phpapp01&type=d] In the forward, DoD CIO Teresa Takai said that: "The DoD Cloud Computing Strategy has been expanded to address use of commercial cloud services in the Department's multi-provider enterprise cloud environment. Adoption and implementation of commercially provided cloud services are being
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FedRAMP System Security Plan

[slideshare id=12840974&doc=systemsecurityplantemplate050212-120507222537-phpapp01&type=d] FedRAMP System Security Plan This document details the System Security Plan (SSP) for the information security controls. This System Security Plan was written in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-18, Revision 1, Guide for Developing Security Plans for Information Technology Systems. is a
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