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5 Podcasts to Empower Digital Professionals


Paulo Guimarães

5 Podcasts

Be it on a commute, during late evening downtimes or lazy weekends, podcasts have become more and more prominent in our lives. With the steady rise of podcasts, few were the big names in IT not to ride the wave. This has led to the creation of a multitude of great series but it has also become more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Digital professionals could do far worse than give the following podcasts a try for insightful yet entertaining content on ongoing debates regarding digital transformation.

Deloitte – User Friendly

For the latest trends in tech, media, and telecom, it’s hard to find a better starting point than Deloitte’s User Friendly. Digging into its archived episodes there are gems on topics rarely associated with IT-related podcasts, from Sports and fan engagement to the economic impact of Brexit in the TMT industry. Ignoring its earlier episodes would be a mistake. Many of them not only remain as relevant today but also tackle issues with the depth and experience that can’t be easily found elsewhere.

McKinsey & Co – Inside the Strategy Room

More a podcast on leadership than on digital transformation per se, Inside the Strategy Room, is particularly helpful to those looking to have a backstage peek into how senior management aligns, perceives and implements strategy. Questioning what finance chiefs are doing to reinvent themselves in the digital age? Look no further.

Government Digital Service Podcast

Admittedly not the podcast with the most captivating title on this list, GDS’s podcast is the go-to place for those looking to see how the digital transformation path is being trodden in the public realm. GDS is a unit of the Government of the United Kingdom’s Cabinet Office responsible for transforming the provision of the online public. Judging on the many valuable insights taken from their podcast guests, it’s fair to say they are meeting their objectives with distinction.

Gartner – ThinkCast

Professionals continuously seeking to keep themselves and their organizations up-to-date would greatly benefit from listening every Tuesday to ThinkCast’s latest, and always thought-provoking, episode. The episodes from the “Continuous Foresight” series are particularly helpful in their reflections on how to scan and analyze “plausible futures and strategies, to anticipate and embrace change”.

CCC Talks

Aiming to provide all the latest tips, tricks, and strategies to help IT and business professionals in their digital transformation journey, CCC Talks, covers a great deal of ground. In its first episodes, it counted on the contribution of top experts such as Matt Stratton, Simone Jo Moore, and Daniel Faggella to shed some light on often overlooked sides of AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, and IoT. Hosted by CCC’s very own Mark O’Loughlin, these are some of the best one to one conversations digital professionals will find online.

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