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Enrich your career with IoT

While “Internet” is familiar to all of us, the Internet’s first real evolution namely “Internet of Things” or IoT is gaining traction in many organizations. IoT, one of the most revolutionary technology trends, is supposedly considered to be bigger than the industrial revolution. Such is IoT’s growth, that it is expected to expand rapidly and extensively, making it difficult for organizations to keep pace with the changes.

  • What then is IoT and how does it differ from the common “Internet”?
  • How can IoT, another emerging digital technology, be harnessed to derive benefits to organizations while addressing the challenges of security and privacy?
  • Is it a silver bullet, that can comprehensively solve an organization’s business and IT problems?
  • Is it useful to all types of industries and where does one need to start in this adoption process?
  • Is it more conducive for usage to consumers or to industries or more profitable being a provider?
  • How does IoT integrate with machine learning, adaptive analytics and augmented reality?

If you are seeking answers to these and similar questions, then it is time to start exploring about IoT. By the year 2020, Gartner has predicted that there will be nearly 20 billion internet- connected things. These things, mind you, that we speak about are not the generally used sensors in smartphones or wearables, but rather specific functionality-based ecosystems such as smart offices and parking, connected cars, jet engines, etc.

Organizations planning to leverage IoT for their business gains and to maintain a competitive edge, need to recruit and develop the right skills and expertise for this mission. On the other hand, professionals who plan to start working with IoT need to undergo some form of training or self-study to prepare for this journey. The study or training should focus on the following objectives:

  • Understand the terminology and concepts of IoT
  • The role of IoT in organizations and its benefits and challenges
  • The basic IoT components – sensors, processors (microcontrollers), gateways, and applications
  • The different IoT Network protocols
  • IoT’s relation to Big Data, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • How IoT architectures should be designed and developed that are cost-effective, scalable, secure, agile, high-performing and fault-tolerant
  • Various examples and case studies related to the adoption of IoT

Cloud Credential Council’s (CCC) IoT Foundation course can be your first step in getting acquainted with the terminologies and concepts of IoT. The course is suitable for any learner interested in understanding the fundamentals of IoT and how it can help organizations and people in their daily lives. The course is explained in a simple and lucid manner with case studies, suitable examples as well as the economic potential and impact it holds in the years to come.

Today, IoT is so positioned in the digital transformation space, that IT professionals ignoring to keep abreast with this technology will soon be left behind in their career progression. So, it is prudent to make your first move and start experimenting with IoT. This will enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge to leverage the technology in your organization and daily life. Besides, once you clear the CCC exam, you also get your first IoT certification. Start enriching your career with IoT!

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Big Data Certification – take your career to the next level

The abundance of data changes the nature of competition in the market. Organizations who are best at collecting data, and making sense of it are winning in the market. Big Data is the new oil that drives modern organizations.

When talking about the skills needed for Big Data, the terms that most come up are technical skills. For example the ability to work with Hadoop, Pig, Hyve, Mahoot, Spark, MongoDB. Technical skills are only part of the story though – working with Big Data has an impact on everyone within the organization. The CCC Big Data Foundation Certifications helps to ready the organization for non-technical requirements. Here is why:

Front Line Users

The actual people who are taking decisions on a day to day basis that influence the direction of the organization. Based on the data that is available to them they define strategy, orchestrate tactics, and direct operations.  Front line workers, such as Marketeers, Product Managers, Line Managers, Business Unit managers, need to be readied for Big Data so that they are not drowning in the data that is presented to them. The Big Data Foundation certification to build an understanding of the capabilities of Big Data so that business users can understand the possibilities that are there for them.

Big Data Analysts

The Data Analyst is transforming traditional businesses into data-driven organizations. These are the professionals who work with the vast amounts of data collected in the organization and convert this raw data into decision making information. Big Data Analysts are technical heroes with a good understanding of databases and visualization tools.

The Big Data Foundation Certification provides a solid starting point for any analyst moving into big data. It provides an overview of the key concepts, terminology, and big data lifecycle.

Solution Development Teams – Big Data Engineer/Software Engineers

Software Engineers working with big data technologies require a detailed understanding of the Big Data landscape and the core technologies chosen by their organization. Working on a set of tools is important, but building an understanding of why the organization is investing in Big Data, and understanding the end-end lifecycle from data to decisions is gold.

Positioning the Big Data Foundation Certification prior to joining technology training programs helps Engineers to better understand the big picture.

The importance of skills

Technology plays an important role in modern digital organizations, but with technology alone organizations cannot succeed. Teams need to understand the context and relevance of Big Data, and build readiness for working with vast amounts of data. The Big Data Foundation Certification builds this readiness and is a valuable certification for everyone working with Big Data.

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Cloud as the Foundation for Enterprise growth – R U Ready for the Cloud?

Enterprises are adopting cloud computing

The cloud hype is over, and cloud computing is adopted within the enterprise landscape. Forrester explains in a December 2018 update that already 60% of North American Enterprises rely on public cloud infrastructures. Forrester predicts that for 2019 cloud spending will soar, as companies race to rapidly modernize their infrastructure. It is fair to say that cloud forms the foundation for every modern digital oriented organization.

Some of the benefits the Cloud can bring to organizations:

  • Cost – no need to invest in infrastructure, costs are moving to operational expenditure for the use of the cloud
  • Self Service – cloud is only really the cloud if there is self servicing. Can users manage all activities themselves without having to get in touch with the service provider or techpeople.
  • Flexibility – scaling in the cloud is very easy, and when demand goes up, capacity grows with it.
  • Collaboration – it’s much easier to work together in a cloud based infrastructure. No need to email documents back and forth anymore.
  • Agility – Cloud allows organizations to move much faster – from idea to product is much faster realized.

These benefits become rapidly more attractive for organizations, as it helps them to deal with challenges such as slow commissioning of new servers, large investments in hardware, dealing with disparate and siloed teams. Migrating to the cloud also has an impact on the skills of modern professionals.

The importance of cloud skills are emerging

With Cloud acting as a foundation for modern organizations, the importance of cloud skills also emerges. Modern workers within IT or the business need to ready themselves for the cloud, and not just need the technological skills that come with working on cloud infrastructures, no they also need to fully understand the context of cloud, and the capabilities it provides.

For this reason the CCC launched the CTA (Cloud Technology Associate) Certification. A must have certification program for anyone who is involved in cloud. Whether you are an administrator interfacing with a cloud platform, a service manager looking to control the costs associated with modern licensing models, or a business user now presented with a solution that looks different every few months.

The relevance of CCC-CTA as a starting point for everyone working with cloud technologies

The CCC-CTA Certification helps to answer questions like – what are the typical benefits organizations achieve with cloud computing, what types of clouds are there, and which one is relevant to your organization. How does cloud computing related to DevOps, Big Data, AI?

This Certification program is relevant for both IT Pros, as well as non-tech users, and for experienced professionals as well as for those starting their career.

CCC-CTA covers the following key topics:

  • The fundamental concepts and key terminology associated with cloud computing and virtualization
  • The business benefits of cloud computing as well as a high level understanding of the technical aspects (without getting technical)
  • Typical challenges and mitigation measures involved in cloud computing
  • The steps for successful adoption of cloud computing
  • Understand cloud security, security risks and mitigation measures
  • Cloud models, and the pros and cons of various models
  • The role of cloud in digital transformation, and specifically the link with DevOps, IoT, Big Data.

Interested in learning more about this program? You can start a self study program through the CCC, or join a training program from one of the CCC’s Training Partners.

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Cloud-Based ITSM – Where is it going and what can it do for you?

During this BrightTALK webinar, titled ‘Cloud-Based ITSM – Where is it going and what can it do for you?’ Mark O’Loughlin (Managing Director, Cloud Credential Council) and Daniel Breston (Principal Consultant, Virtual Clarity) will discuss how new ways of working such as DevOps, Lean and Agile are now being used to achieve the scalability, flexibility, and innovation provided by the cloud model.

We reserved a seat for you, which you can claim here

In case you can not attend the session, but want to watch it on-demand at a later time, I urge you to still register as the webinar recordings will also be sent to those who registered, but did not attend.

This webinar will highlight what cloud is and how you professionals become a leader and trusted advisor in their organization on all matters relating to cloud and digital. Make sure you don’t miss it. We hope to see you there!

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Visit CCC during itSMF UK’s Annual Conference

This year’s itSMF UK Annual Conference and Exhibition – ITSM18 – will take place on 19th and 20th November in Central London. CCC Managing Director, Mark O’Loughlin, will deliver a Session titled “Hey, Where Has All the IT Gone?” on Monday at 3.00 pm – 3:45 pm. During this session, Mark will discuss what technological shift is taking place.

To support the ITSM community at ITSM18, the CCC is giving away PCSM exam vouchers. We are doing this because the Professional Cloud Service manager course is the ideal follow-on course to enable ITSM and ITIL certified professionals to develop the next level of digital skills now required by organizations.

Session at ITSM18

Below is the first paragraph of a blog Mark O’Loughlin wrote for itSMF that explains the topic of his breakout session. You can read the full post at the itSMF UK website.

When was the last time you used a typewriter? That’s a funny question, isn’t it? Well, would you believe that this simple question has real relevance when it comes to IT service management (ITSM) professionals today and the ongoing changes brought about by digital disruption and digital transformation? Hold that thought for a moment.


CCC Sponsors FUSION18 with RU Digital Ready? Programme

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is proud to be sponsoring FUSION18 which is taking place at Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch-St. Louis, MO. This is part of the on-going global RU Digital Ready? programme being run by the CCC.

FUSION18 is the event to connect with ITSM peers in the United States, in conjunction with itSMF USA. FUSION18 will address specialized areas including ITIL, DevOps, Cloud, Customer Experience and Agile.

The CCC is very excited to be supporting FUSION18 and the ITSM community by giving away over $15,000 worth of free exam vouchers during Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd of October. Vouchers are for the Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) exam. The PCSM accreditation is helping to upskill and enable IT Service Management Professionals in using cloud to deliver real value to their organizations.

Breakout Session at FUSION18

In addition, CCC Managing Director, Mark O’Loughlin, will deliver a Breakout Session on Tuesday, October 2nd at 11.30am – 12.30pm. Delving into The Effect of Digital Disruption on IT(SM), Mark will highlight current challenges faced by organizations and individuals and concluding with a very important message. Mark is happy to disrupt his own presentation making this is one session you won’t want to miss!

“The CCC is proud to be supporting FUSION18 this year with our RU Digital Ready? programme. This programme aims to help advise and educate individuals and organizations on how to upskill and be successful in meeting the needs of today’s digitally-enabled organizations”, said Mark O’Loughlin, Managing Director of the CCC.

“To support the ITSM community at FUSION18, the CCC is giving away up to $15,000 in PCSM exam vouchers. We are doing this because the Professional Cloud Service manager course is the ideal follow-on course to enable ITSM and ITIL certified professionals to develop the next level of digital skills now required by organizations.”

Join the CCC at FUSION18 from Monday, October 1st to Tuesday, October 2nd at 11.30am – 12.30pm at Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch-St. Louis, MO

About the CCC

The Cloud Credential Council (CCC) is a global community driven organization that empowers companies and individuals in their digital transformation journey. The CCC does this by offering vendor-neutral certifications for IT Professionals including Cloud, Big Data, and IoT.

The CCC portfolio is vendor-neutral, community driven and complementary to other certifications and training programmes.

In June 2018, the Cloud Credential Council was listed by as one of the most valuable cloud computing certifications.

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