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Cloud World Forum Asia 2014

The Cloud World Forum Asia returns for the 5th year from the 24 – 26 November 2014 to Hong Kong, maintaining its place as the only content led event for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in the APAC region. Achieving true enterprise mobility is about more than deploying cloud

The 39 Most Important People in Cloud Computing World

No question about it: cloud computing is changing the world. It's the invisible part of your smartphone and tablet, the part that holds your apps and files, and lets you work from anywhere. IBM estimates that 85% of new software today is being built for the cloud and that one-quarter of the

Michael Gendron: Business Intelligence and the Cloud

How to measure cloud computing options and benefits to impact business intelligence infrastructure New book from Michael S. Gendron  This book is a guide for managers and others involved in using cloud computing to create business value. It starts with a discussion of the media hype around cloud computing and attempt to pull

Martin Hartman – Ambassador for the Netherlands

Martin Hartman is the new CCC ambassador for the Netherlands Martin is a "Cloud Situationist", creator of cloud situations, deliberately constructed for the purpose of pursuing authentic desires and value perception and liberation. Seeking to catalyze nexus's of forces; Mobile, Big Data to enable the introduction of disruptive Cloud business models fit for

NCOIC To Rollout Open Process for Creating Secure, Hybrid IT Computing Environments

Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium to offer capability to organizations that seek to combine traditional and cloud infrastructures for greater efficiency and mission success WASHINGTON-November 19, 2013-Next month, the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) will introduce an open pattern that will enable governments, agencies and businesses to create a secure, hybrid IT

Verne Global – ODCA 2013 Highlights: “Business Transformation for Enterprise IT”

Highlights from ODCA's Forecast 2013 event in San Francisco, CA, featuring: - Denis Curran, Head of Technology Strategy & Innovation, Enterprise Services & Transformation, National Australia Bank - Harish Rao, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Infrastructure Services, Capgemini - Marcel Heilijgers, Executive Director, Cloud Credential Council - Mario Mueller, BMW's Vice President of