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What is the CCC Professional Cloud Developer certification?

Enhance your career by earning the Professional Cloud Developer (PCD) certification from the Cloud Credential Council (CCC)-globally known as the standard of achievement for developers involved with cloud-based solutions. Organizations that employ PCDs will have experts on board that can help maximize the business opportunities that cloud is creating.

Why get certified?

Boost Your  Cloud Credentials and Gain a Competitive Edge

CCC’s PCD designation is a globally recognized certification for Developers. Being PCD-certified showcases your developer experience in a cloud environment, relevant skills and knowledge, and demonstrates you are capable to manage the various stakeholders within the enterprise.

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What topics are covered in a CCC Professional Cloud Developer certification course?

Concepts of service modularity, orchestration and key cloud features

– Criteria for suitability for migration of legacy apps.
– DevOps / NoOps – practical applications.
– Implications of delivering business process via a cloud model.

Standardization of cloud-related methods, architectures and technologies for development purposes

– Deployment models and platforms available.
– Requirements of restful and restless services.
– Common design provisions when designing to meet failure.

Monetization techniques and creating revenue from the developed software code

– Monetization models for the different phases of development.
– The uses of monetizing apps.
– Licensing models for cloud environments.

Specifics of security in a cloud environment

– Main areas of legislative compliance for cloud development.
– Security threats and potential breaches in the different cloud environments.
– Benefits of the different login/sign on mechanisms available.

Twin con Key methods of testing cloud deployments so that the candidate can use appropriate testing environments in their developments.

– Concepts of metadata and semantic data management so that the candidate can anticipate future developments in both fields when implementing a cloud environment.
– Explains the intersections between cloud design and the management of metadata.
– Impact of semantic technologies on the various stages of cloud development.

Key methods of testing cloud deployments so that the candidate can use appropriate testing environments in their developments.

– Testing stages for cloud and non-cloud environments.
– Automate cloud testing functions.
– Public and private sandbox strategies.

Key methods of coding

– Coding languages.
– Portability requirements of platforms.

A PCD certification course is a 3-day course

Certification Course Terminology:

All terminology, Reference Architectures, Security Reference Architectures used in the certification courses are based on NIST ( cloud computing definitions.

PCD Certification Course Prerequisites:

There are no formal prerequisites; however, it is recommended that participants have achieved the Cloud Technology Associate certification (or its equivalent) from the Cloud Credential Council and that participants are familiar with key cloud concepts and terminology.

Where can I take the PCD Certification course?

CCC Certification courses are regularly offered in conjunction with major cloud conferences such as Cloud World Forum, Cloud Expo, and many others across the globe. CCC certification courses are also offered by technology vendors member companies and training partners. For the latest listing of certification courses offered at cloud conferences, technology vendors, and training partners please visit our global course calendar.