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What is the CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification?

The CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification is the certification awarded to individuals who have successfully passed the CCC Professional Cloud Administrator exam. The certification has been developed by leading cloud experts from technology vendors such as Microsoft and VMWare, consulting organizations such as Deloitte and CapGemini, and many other experts from the field.

The certification is a demonstration of knowledge about Cloud Provisioning and Administration, Cloud Bursting, Cloud Interoperability, Strategic Policy Design for Cloud Usage and Compliance, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategies for the Cloud, as well as Performance Measurement and Monitoring.

Why get certified?

The Cloud Credential Council’s Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA) designation is a globally recognized certification for Cloud Administrators. Being PCA-certified showcases your experience in a cloud environment, and demonstrates the relevant skills and knowledge.

Globally there is a shortage of people with Cloud Administrator skills. Enhance your career by earning the Professional Cloud Administrator (PCA) certification from the Cloud Credential Council (CCC) –  globally known as the standard of achievement for administrators of  cloud-based solutions. Organizations that employ PCAs will have experts on board that can help maximize the business opportunities that cloud is creating.

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What topics are covered in a CCC Professional Cloud Administrator certification course?

Role and responsibilities of the administrator in cloud computing

– Workload analysis concepts and features and their impact on choice of cloud service.
– Capacity planning in light of a given scenario.
– Administration issues of migration to the cloud.

Managing changes: Elasticity and scalability

– Application of key cloud bursting concepts.
– Configuration strategies to anticipate elasticity demands.

Layered cloud environments and supporting migrations and multiple/hybrid setups.

– Interoperability and portability strategies with appropriate administrative action.
– Tenant-aware, error-tracking options in a given scenario.

Capacity management issues

– Capacity management issues in a given scenario.
– Differences and relative pros and cons of the various SLA, QoS and OLA for cloud environments.

Key continuity issues for cloud environments: make practical contributions to maintaining service provision.

– Administrative elements of a failover strategy in a XaaS case study.
– Key administrative actions to maintain the achievement of environment 

Metrics in service administration for planning and managing service use.

– Key metrics that pertain to cloud and non-cloud environments and their service performance.
– SLA compliance and gaps in service performance.
– Improvements from the consumer and provider perspectives 
and the implications on cloud monitoring and forensics auditing for cloud services.

A PCA certification course is a 3-day course

Certification Course Terminology:

All terminology, Reference Architectures, Security Reference Architectures used in the certification courses are based on NIST ( cloud computing definitions.

PCA Certification Course Prerequisites:

There are no formal prerequisites; however, it is recommended that participants have achieved the Cloud Technology Associate certification (or its equivalent) from the Cloud Credential Council and that participants are familiar with key cloud concepts and terminology.

Where can I take the PCA Certification course?

CCC Certification courses are regularly offered in conjunction with major cloud conferences such as Cloud World Forum, Cloud Expo, and many others across the globe. CCC certification courses are also offered by technology vendors member companies and training partners. For the latest listing of certification courses offered at cloud conferences, technology vendors, and training partners please visit our global course calendar.